Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Modified barium swallow

Well Sophia's barium swallow is scheduled for next tuesday. I am praying that all goes well. It would be nice if this test would tell us why she won't eat. But is that like praying for something to be wrong? I don't know. She is now chewing the food and then spitting it out. I just want her to eat like a normal child and start growing. It is crazy to have her in 6/9month clothes when she is almost fourteen months old. I have all these beautiful clothes that people have given me (thanks Kerry, Tracy and Denise) and she needs to GROW to wear them.
She is stooling a ton, like 5-6 times a day and it is watery and green. I called her GI doctor today as I feel like it is her new med, or the pediasure. And the only thing he said was that he thinks it is gastroenteritis and to take her to the pediatrician. Uuuggghhh!!! Annoying, I try not to be, but it is hard. So I guess tomorrow we will be going to see her primary.
Sam is still feeling a little funky. I can't quite put my finger on it, but is fussy and sleeping extra, and eating horribly. He has continued to complain that he is so sick. He had a temp yesterday to 100.7, which is no big deal in other kids, but who knows what it means with Sam. Please pray for him.

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Kristina said...

Thanks so much for the prayers! I will br praying for your 2 little ones as well! We serve a mighty God!!!!

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