Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sam's got bronchitis! And it has really knocked him for a loop. I called the doctors office first thing yesterday morning and they put us in for her first appointment. Have I mentioned how blessed I am with Dr V? She is amazing! We are so thankful to have these guys take care of our family. Anyways long story short he was still running temps to 103 and was very lethargic and wasn't eating at all. He was drinking ok, but I knew that there was something going on.
So we went to the doctor and bronchitis it is.:-( Poor little guy. He is completely miserable. We started him on zithromax yesterday and hopefully this will do the trick. He is so out of it though and has been sleeping so much. I know that this is good, but it makes me nervous that he is so out of it. He was even telling Matt that he wanted to come home when he took him to the lake. He is still running a fever, and has been crying so much. He hasn't been this sick since before we started the IVIG. Ugghhh, I wonder if this means that stopping the IVIG right now is not going to work? I keep thinking back to prior episodes of when he was on antibiotics before we did the IVIG and this is what happened....


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tiff said...

Thinking of you over here. I hope they restart the IVIG for him soon. It's not so well and fair for him to be so well and then have it all taken away.