Sunday, February 28, 2010

The upside of being sick

Well I am trying to stay positive in this crazy journey with Sam. And today as I cuddled this beautiful little guy who seems to be getting thinner and thinner, I was reminded that I am cuddling him and he LOVES me so much! He wants to cuddle with me and have me kiss him and hug him. He wants me to read to him and tell him about the world, and why Jesus has to be "inmisible" (invisible) all the time. Some day he isn't going to want to snuggle with his momma, so for today I will hug him and kiss him all he wants. I will be praying that he feels better, but I will live in this moment of love

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Lisa and Jonathan said...

I'm sorry sam Isn't feeling well. I will be keeping you and sam in my thoughts.