Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Maddox comes to play

We had a wonderful distraction from the worries yesterday. Unfortunately my friends Bethany and Brian were very sick and therefore needed someone to watch their beautiful little boy Maddox. We thought we would just have him for a few hours but it ended up overnight. It gave someone for Sophia to play with so that Sammy could rest and stop crying because Sophia wouldn't leave him alone. Sophia and Maddox had a blast, Sophia just crawled after him and kept giving him tons of toys. Maddox got a little overwhelmed with the splashing in the tub, but otherwise he had fun with my two crazies!!! And he is such a good baby. :-)
Our PCP came over last night and we discussed Sammy and the possibility of getting a second opinion someplace else. Especially since both the GI doc and the hematologist both seem to be saying it is the others issue. So thinking about that. And still waiting for the results...

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