Monday, February 15, 2010

A new week

So here we are in this new week.... praying that Sam can stay healthy until thursday when he gets his IVIG. It seems so crazy that the last few months he has been definitely not feeling as well and it seems like he has been sick immediately before he is due for treatment. He slept 14hrs last night and is dragging this morning but praying that this doesn't mean anything. He is cool, but not cold so that is a plus. I am fairly certain that he has another sinus infection but we don't want to treat it since the antibiotic may cause the bleeding in his belly again. So we just continue for now and see what happens...
In wonderful news Matt's cousin Andrew does not have a tumor!!! His CT Was negative. They are still investigating what is going on but at least it is not a brain tumor.
We are awaiting ANOTHER snow storm, and I am just sick of the cold, can't wait for the warm weather. I think it will be better for Sam to not have to be workign so hard to keep himself warm. Not to mention we can get OUTSIDE and they can run and play and not destroy the house:-)

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