Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sophia Grace

My baby girl is growing!!! She gained six ounces since last week! I am so thrilled. I have been forcing her to take bottles of higher calorie formula the last few weeks, but this last week I didn't. I just let her nurse as long and often as she wanted. There were several times where she nursed for over an hour straight. I am wondering if that is what helped. We have finally crossed the 15 pound mark. She is 15lb 5oz. Woohoo big girl!!! Love this onesie, bald is beautiful.
Tomorrow Sam has his second day of allergy testing. I am dreading finding out that there are more of his favorite foods that we should stop giving him. It is hard enough to get a two year old to eat, and then to have to take away his favorites is going to be awful. He is such a great kid, his new medicine he takes like a trooper, even asks to do it "like a big boy do's"

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