Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sam's appointment

Well after several months of waiting to see the new specialist we finally saw him yesterday. I must say he didn't initially rub me the right way. But that is ok, if he figures out how to make my son not hurt anymore than it is totally worth it.
So he is wondering if he has an overgrowth of yeast in his intestines from all the antibiotics that he had as an infant, that would explain the loose and bloody stools, the fevers, the rashes, the belly pain!!! Can you believe that it could be something that simple? So we now have to give him nystatin twice a day for 3months to see if that makes it better. They are also checking his urine and stool for some very rare bacteria that also could be causing these symptoms.
We will also do the allergy testing. It will be 4 half days of between 20-40 possible allergens that they will test him for. He also believes there is a food allergy component to the belly pain and fevers. So we will also do that. He is also recommending increasing the probiotics as well, more than double what we are doing now.
It was very overwhelming with all of his recommendations. But each thing is really an easy thing (meaning not surgery, not hospitalizations, nothing major) and so prayerfully this will solve his discomfort.
In other news we have now moved to weekly check ups for Sophia, and between adding her GI doc, endocrinologist, early intervetion and now all of Sam's stuff LIFE IS CRAZY!!!! I already felt like we lived at the doctors, we are now taking that to a whole new level, it is almost enough to be a full time job. OR at least it feels that way.

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