Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Intervention

Sophia had her evaluation for Early intervention today. She was at or above her age level in the cognitive piece (play, discrimination, memory and problem solving. Her social-emotional level is also at 10months or above (interactions, attending skills, expression of feelings, and self-concept). Her Language comprehension skills are at the 10month level. Her language expression is at the 12 month level!!! Yup, she is very verbal and LOUD!!! As far as gross motor (sitting, transitions, mobility, and standing/weight bearing) she is at a 7month level, which causes her to be 30% delayed and therefore she qualifies for services for that reason, but also qualifies solely on the failure to thrive diagnosis. So we will now begin EI, I am hoping that they have some ideas for feeding her and getting her to eat more. We shall see.
We also had an appointment to at the doctors today. We wanted to do another weight check. She has gained two ounces since last time. So she is now 14lb15oz. She is almost 10.5months and she isn't even 15pounds. Little peanut! But at least we are gaining.
She is working on her second tooth. And is therefore chewing on everything that comes in contact with her mouth, including me!!! She is so cute and just loves Sam. It is so wonderful watching them interact.

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