Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve

Reading with Grandpa

Sitting with Nana Buckner

Ava and Sophia learing to share together

This year we went to Tim and Tracy's like we used to do before we had kids for New Years. We of course headed home before by nine, and I was in bed before the new year but it was a wonderful time nonetheless. We celebrated with the Weber side of the family Christmas.
Sam absolutely loves playing with his cousins, and loves spending time with Jacob who is older and has big boy toys. I have no pictures of this of course becuase the boys were way to busy and fast for me to catch them. It was so sweet to watch Ava and Sophia interact. Ava was bringing her toys and Sophia was gladly yanking them away from her. We had delicious food and wonderful company. Thanks T and T for hosting us (AGAIN), if we get a bigger house I promise we will host you guys soon:-)

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