Friday, January 2, 2009


I am officially frustrated, sad, worried and a whole lot of other emotions. Yesterday we went over to our friend's and Sammy had a blast. He ate lunch, and then proceeded to get rashy/hivey after eating. We gave him benadryl and he seemed fine. We went home and he took a nap. His bottom lip was completely white while he was sleeping, pinching it didn't change the color. Then when he woke up he complained that he was freezing. I checked his temp in his ear and it was 95.3?!?! So then I checked it rectally and he was 96.3, so you account for it being rectal and we very clearly have a hypothermic kid. But why?!? I have no idea. Our house was 74 degrees, he was fully clothed and slept under a thick fleece blanket. He slept in bed with me so I could keep my eye on him, today he was still around 96 degrees. The doctor just wants us to keep close tabs on it (his primary wasn't working, so the other one wants to wait until she is back). I just wish that someone could tell us something and that we didn't keep having all of these random bizarre occurances.
In other news I was filling out the million question paperwork from the new specialist that we are seeing at the end of the month today. I had to review his medical chart. Do you realize that from his birth until January (6months) we saw the doctor more than 20 times? And it didn't get any better until after his first birthday. And then this summer and fall it seems like we are heading in that direction again. Aaaggghhh!!!!! Thank you God for giving us the strength, patience and knowledge to take care of our beautiful little boy

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Nathali said...

Hope Sammy will get better!!
Wishing you and your family a HEALTHY 2009!!!!

Thanks for your continuous support for Michael!!!