Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boston Childrens

Today was Sam's IVIG. He did fantastic. We had our favorite nurse today. We usually never have her any more because she is now the charge nurse, so she doesn't take patients. She is 29wks pregnant with a little boy, we are so excited for her. It is amazing to realize we have been with these wonderful girls for over a year and how special they have become to us during this traumatic time. We also saw Khadeisha who is the Child Life Specialist. Sammy just loves her. He brought his new backpack which he got from Grandpa and Grandma Weber that he loves. Thanks guys! They got the IV in on the first try which is always a blessing. The transfusion went well and his vitals stayed stable. I mentioned to them about his hypothermia last week and they hadn't heard of anyone else doing that. Rene' our favorite said "Well it's Sam, and we can't usually figure him out." Doesn't make the situation seem any better.
Chantal my best friend from when I was young came and brought us lunch. It was delicious and greatly appreciated. Thanks Chantal. And do you notice the beautiful sparkling diamond on her hand? SHe got engaged on Dec 21, we are so excited for her.

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