Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just Fun

WE went to Mom's today and played in the pool. Sam had a blast and is completely fearless, like his Uncle DJ and DEnnis before him. The little turkey walks right in to the water without stopping to see if he can touch. Doreen and I played volleyball and he kept saying FUNNY FUNNY and laughing. This bathing suit Sam is wearing is 3-6month size!!! He is wearing his twelve month size summer stuff from last year!!! Skinny little guy, but he is definitely growing.
We came home tonight and Matt brought a bumbo for Sophia home from Auntie Tracy (THANK YOU!!) She seems to like it, as she can much more easily get her fingers in her mouth and explore her tiny little hand. Tomorrow we go see Sam's immunologist. I am anxious to go as I have several questions/concerns for him. (Mom took Sam to the last appt as I was on bedres or in the hospital or something) We will find out if the plan is to continue the transfusions as planned through until next summer. DENNIS IS COMING HOME!!! He will be stationed in Leominster for about 3 years! Isn't God wonderful?

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