Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Day

Ever had a day when you get out of bed and just wish you could just lay back down and pull the covers over your head? THat was my day today. I got out of bed with a pounding headache and just did not want to go to work. I then was getting ready for work and Sam had an explosion of diarrhea (AGAIN!!!) So MAtt and I quick cleaned him up and I headed out to work. I called the doctor about the migraine as I was told to if it continued to get worse. I thought she would tell me what I can take and that would resolve it. Because I am nursing and because of all the liver problems in the past with pregnancy: Nope, I had to go in.
But prior to my appointment I went to JCPenney with the baby that I am taking care of for private duty and her mom. Matt had dropped off Sophia to me, and so we went to the mall. The two babies, and two mommies. On the way there I got a flat tire. Did I mention torential downpours and my already terrible tires?!?!? So here I was with a pounding headache a crying baby and a flat tire. I knew Matt's aunt and uncle were in Leominster so I called them. Uncle DAnny to the rescue!!! He came and fixed my tire so then I drove over to get all new tires on the car.
Then drove to the doctors appt and she didn't know what to do. She is going to talk to another doctor and get back to me tomorrow. I am thoroughly frustrated with this whole situation. I can't get pregnant again right now (well I probably could seeing how birth control hasn't worked twice:-) but don't want to now). So I am so limited in what to do and because of the HELLP syndrome and nursing I am even more limited. Oh well hopefully tomorrow we will figure something out.
Meanwhile these are some pictures from Sam's adventures with Uncle Danny, Auntie TeeTee and NeeNee. He has a blast with them and they do all kinds of fun stuff together. They are also getting ready to replace a septic system, so they have the equipment in their yard. Can you guess what Sammy wanted to do? Yup play on the equipment. He had a blast, there and everywhere else they took him

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