Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Immunology update

Well Sam, Sophia and I went to Waltham today to see his immunologist. All in all the visit went well, he expressed some concern with that weird rash, the low grade temps and loose stools that Sam seems to be getting again. His plan is to check his IgG levels at this next transfusion (a trough level) to determine if his dose just needs to be increased, or if he needs to start getting transfused every 3 weeks. Obviously we are praying for a dose increase not an increase in frequency. So please pray that God gives the immunologist wisdom to make the right decision. WE got caught in torrential downpours and lighting on the way home. Thankfully Sam slept, although Miss Sophia was crying for a good part of the hour plus ride home!!! Makes for a long ride:)

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