Monday, July 21, 2008

Stroller contest

Hi all! I found a contest for a free twin stroller. So as I am still trying to find a side by side that I like, that I can afford, and that is light weight and I am trying to win it. Go to their site to enter yourself. You just have to post a link on your blog, and take a picture to share on their blog. We have a front to back stroller but poor Sophia can't see too much from back there, not to mention the thing takes up my whole trunk!!! She is starting to feel better it would seem, still slightly fussy but not terrible. Low grade temp today, like 100.5 or less. Sam now has a fever though:-( Tomorrow is his gammaglobulin at Children's so hopefully we can get it.

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Niki said...

Hey - we have a front to back one and Braeden gets the front seat. It actually will hold any brand of car seat which I like. It converts to a sit n' stand when Blakley is ready. It is easy to fold up but is still a double stroller. I found it a One Step Ahead - check out their web site sometime. Sophia is getting more beautiful every day!