Friday, July 25, 2008


Well today Matt had a job interview and left around 8:15 or so this morning. Shortly after he left I heard from the doctor and she wanted me to go up to the hospital to have some blood work drawn. So I am totally stressing about that, since my double stroller is completely drenched from having to change the tire and hasn't had enough time in the sun to dry out. How am I going to bring them both to the hospital by myself without a stroller. Well Matt's Uncle Danny called and asked me to bring Sammy over to see the excavator again, and when he heard I had to go up to the hospital he offered to watch him. What a blessing. So I drop Sam off and go up to the hospital with Sophia, while there and waiting for the blood work and stuff, Matt calls to let me know that his car broke down!!!!! Aaaagghhhh!!! Feels like the mess of this week is never going to end.
Thankfully Ron was in Worcestor and picked Matt up so I didn't have to go get him. But the car is completely done. No possible way to fix it, so now we have to go get another vehicle. I ended up meeting my doctor up at the hospital and so we are working on figuring out this whole problem, so hopefully I will at least start feeling better and then the rest of the craziness will get better too.

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