Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun in the sun

I LOVE ICECREAM!!! (like my pink bib, mommy forgot one so Auntie Tracy shared with me.

Daddy, Sammy and Allayna riding in Uncle Tim's trailer

Ava (11months) and Sophia (almost four months)

Auntie Tracy loves me

Allayna showing Sammy where to look:-)

Playdate with my friends

Sophia and Hazel holding hands. So cute!!!
Today my friend Sarah came over with her two children. Sam and her son Hunter are six weeks apart (Hunter is older), and Sophia and Hazel are eleven weeks apart (Sophia is older). It is amazing to see the size difference or lack of size diffence between Sophia and Hazel. Here I was thinking Sophia was getting so big:-( Oh well she is a PETITE little beauty.

Then this afternoon we went to Matt's parents for dinner and so that Matt and his brother Tim could help move 4 tons of wood pellets!!! We had fun. Sam got to play with his cousins. And we had a great dinner.

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