Friday, July 18, 2008

4month and 2yr check ups

We went to the doctor today for well-child check-ups. I remember when Sam was little it felt like we never had well child check-ups it was always a follow up from some illness or something. Praise God it isn't like that any more!!! So my BIG 2 year old boy is 27lbs and 33inches, just under the 50th percentile for both. And my BIG girl is 10lb 12oz and 22 3/4inches long. Just under the 10th percentile for both. Sam was actually 12lbs at his 4month visit. But I guess Miss Sophia is just going to be petitie. She got 3 shots today and took it like a trooper. Sam tried to comfort her afterward. Poor little guy knows exactly what she was going through. And then we had to get his lead level and also blood to check to see if he is anemic. He started whimpering as we walked to the lab, but the lab tech (who knows us well:-( ) told Sam she would be real quick, and he said "Ok" and held out his finger. He didn't even cry when she picked him, and then said thank you when she was done. What a trooper he is. The doctor is going to follow up on the low IgA levels that the immunologist was talking about, she doesn't remember them being low before either, so we shall see how that plays out.

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