Thursday, September 3, 2009

I want to get off this crazy ride

Phew! WE bought and sold houses last friday and moved in friday as well. Sam started complaining on thursday that his belly hurt but I thought he was just stressed out from all of the stress of moving/packing etc. He continued to complain and also continued to eat poorly. Since he is potty trained I hadn't been seeing what was coming out of him, as he likes to flush the potty while he is sitting on it (silly kid!!!) WEll anyways sunday he started to be unable to hold his stool so I put a pull up on him. It was at that point on sunday that I noticed that he had bright red blood in his stool!!! They tested it and obviously it was blood. WE spoke with his GI doctor on monday and she wanted him seen by his primary and for her to do some specific blood and stool tests and depending on what they showed would determine the next course of action. We saw his primary on wednesday and she was going to call the GI doctor after we left, as Sam was very tender when she pressed on his belly (and he never has been before) She believes he needs an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to see where the bleeding is coming from. So please say some prayers as we wait to determine what is going to happen next

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