Monday, September 7, 2009

Colitis it is

Well it would appear that Colitis is the most likely cause of Sam's bleeding and discomfort. Apparently there is a brand new antibiotic on the market specifically geared towards kids, that is for intestinal infections. We had to drive to Shrewsbury last night to get it as that was the closest pharmacy that had it. So we picked it up, I gave him a dose last night which he tolerated well, but then this morning's dose he vomited. I already spoke wiht his primary and we will see how tonights dose goes, and then contact GI tomorrow.
In wonderful news I met someone yesterday (on the phone) whose son Keegan also has immune problems, and the most awesome thing about it? She too is in Massachusetts!!! She will actually be at Children's on monday when we go, so we will get to meet in person. I can't wait:-) It is so nice to talk to someone who just GETS IT! Who has been where we have been, and understands my concerns and stress, and doesn't belittle my fears.


♥ Jess ♥ said...

I'm glad that you found someone who has similar problems (you know what I mean). Hopefully you two can become great friends!

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I'm so happy that you've found another Mum who is close, who can relate and I'm jealous at the same time.

Will the IVIG start again?