Monday, September 21, 2009


Well tomorrow we go to the doctors again. PRaying that we also hear from Sam's immunologist, although towards the end of the week is more likely. I am pretty sure he has a sinus infection and we will need to put him on antibiotics again:-( WE shall see. His stools are all of a sudden significantly worse, but thankfully there isn't blood. Maybe he is just reacting to something he ate. We shall see.
Sophia continues with her cough/cold symptoms. I will probably ask them to check her levels tomorrow. I think at this stage of the game it will just be comforting to know that she is fine that way. Or that she isn't and we can then deal with that too. I know it will be ok either way and that God will help us through it.
In other news we went for a LONG walk today, more than two miles, and my daughter said "Hi" continuously the whole walk!!!! It was kind of funny.
We also decorated sugar cookies with our friends. I will post those pics tomorrow. Thanks Ang!!!

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