Saturday, September 19, 2009

Colds, fevers and the playground

As we wait out the decision of Sam's immunologist both kids have gotten some type of cold type illness. Sophia has actually had respiratory symptoms for over a week but was doing really well until thursday when she developed a fever. I brought her to the doctor, who didn't see a source of infection and wanted to wait until friday to see if she needed antibiotics. Friday she was still febrile, so he wanted to start her on antibiotics. I was hesitant as she has had so many reactions to antibiotics, and we didn't have an actual "source" of infection. (SOMETIMES I HATE THAT I AM A NURSE!) Anyways he understood my hesitation and basically has left it to my discretion to call if I do need the antibiotics. And then he wants her to see Trish ASAP next week. He was I guess starting to question whether there could be some immune compromise with Sophia as well because of the fact that she takes so long to get over the things. She hasn't been ill much but when she does it take FOREVER to get over it. SO I think I will be asking her primary to check her levels for my own sanitity next week. Please pray for her that this is just a fluke.
Sam has had a so-so week. He has complained frequently of pain and has been eating horribly until today in which he ate a pretty good lunch. Had a lenghty conversation with his "other GI" doc from UMass, and she is thinking if this continues that they should scope him ASAP, and then AGAIN if he bleeds!!!! I don't know what to think of this idea, as it was so traumatizing to him. I will talk to his primary on monday and see what she thinks, as we see that GI on tuesday.
I wish this blog was more about playdates and fun instead of being scared, and anxious and waiting for more medical stuff all the time. Oh well! Well here are some pics from the other day at the playground. Sam is becoming quite the little monkey. And for all those people who think Sophia has NO HAIR, you can see it sticking out:-)


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I hear you.
Sometimes I wish I could write less about illness and more of the happy times. It's good thought to write it all out.

I know you are hesitant about the IVIG but I also know that feeling of fear when each illness comes up and you wonder just how bad it's going to get.


Laura said...

I am sorry to hear the kids have not felt been feeling well. Keegan went to his granny's house this last week and had a good time. He told her all about meeting Sammy and told her he is having a play date this coming friday. He cant wait. Hope all is ok. Give a call if you need an ear:)