Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SICK (Edited)

UPDATE: Sam is now running a fever and acting ill, not usually a complainer but now he is a little fussy. Looks like we will be taking a trip to the doc tomorrow. I am just anxious because next tuesday a week from today is supposed to be the last IVIG for Sam. If this illness turns into anything then they probably won't stop the treatment. And his immunologist said he would hold off another YEAR if we don't do it now. It is scary as Sam has done so amazingly well with the IVIG, he has only been on antibiotics once in the last year and a half. He often still has fevers, rashes, GI upset etc, but not all together. The fevers are usually non-related to any other symptom. This sickness has fever, cough, lethargy, fussiness, etc. Please pray for my little guy. That the right decision will be made about the IVIG and that I can handle whatever that decision is.

We are surviving here on the homefront. Sophia is no longer running a fever, but is now instead having long harsh bouts of coughing which has led to vomiting. Sam is also having these couging epidodes
Our house is starting to show more frequently (3x in the last week) so please pray that we can sell and move on.

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tiff said...

Hope the house sells quickly and for what you want.
Sorry to hear that the cherubs are sick. Ivy is sick too (we are in meltdown week)so you most definitely have my empathy and my sympathy.