Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hair cut

I took Sammy to get a hair cut today. He was SSSSSOOO excited about this. It is amazing to hear the mind of a child and how excited they get about random things. It is a reminder to never take things for granted.
I worked last night and had quite the busy night, I came home and got to sleep for about two hours, hoping that maybe I would get to lay down again before work tonight. But no such luck. Oh well, at least tomorrow night I will get to sleep. Sleeplessness is a miserable way to live...
After dinner I was giving hte kids a bath and Sam got one of his weird rashes with scattered hives. It was instantanious. Perfectly fine and then splotchy everywhere. He started breathing quickly and getting itchy. The scary thing about this is who knows what it is caused from. There was no new soap, no new tub cleaner, NoTHING NEW!!!! I have heard that so many with the Immune system issues do this and that benadryl is a normal med for these kids, but I sure would like to know what causes it.

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tiff said...

He does look so cute getting his hair cut.

I know what you mean about wanting to know why.
I ask all the time and our doctor seems less concerned about the why's and more about the treating successfully.
I'd still like to know why though.
Ivy gets those transient rashes all the time.
I hope that you get more sleep after night shift finishes.