Sunday, March 22, 2009


Our niece had her eighth birthday today. Hard to believe how fast she is growing up. So we went up there to celebrate her birthday. She is turning into a beautiful young lady, who stated that she was half way to getting her license!!! Can you believe it? Growing up way too fast.
But this AM I met the doctor at the ER to get Sophia seen again. He realized that the first antibiotics weren't working and that her ears were worse, he prescribed a stronger antibiotic and it really has made a huge difference. She hasn't had a fever since the medication. So prayerfully this one is working. She and Sam have started to cough a little bit. It makes me so nervous when Sam gets sick. He has done so amazingly well since we started the IVIG that I am petrified of him getting sick. They both are having some nasal drainage but hopefully it doesn't amount to anything but a simple cold

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