Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sophia and failure to thrive

The failure to thrive diagnosis is such an odd thing for Sophia. The doctor is completely confident that there isn't any other issues with her except her size. She is cognitively so bright. She now says "up, mama, mom, dada, cat, baba (bottle) mall (milk) pretty impressive right? Especially considering she isn't even one yet. She is blowing kisses, waving bye bye, doing peek a boo, scooting etc. I struggle with this diagnosis as it typically has such a negative tone, so many think they failure to thrive kids are neglected or unloved or not stimulated. But this is so not the case, and as we are learning more about it the more I realize that there is such a negative stigma to it that I had no idea about. She is such a little love. My friend Shannon watched her today as I went to Children's with Sam. SHe will be sending those pics to me. But here is one of Sophia's new favorite places to go now that she is on the move. And she gets so excited to get there, but then gets frustrated as she can't scoot forward anymore

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Rodger Bailey said...

Thanks for your post about Sophia.

Yes, some see Failure To Thrive as some kind of stigma or parental problem. That's because within that descriptive condition, there are some cases of inappropriate parenting. And for sure, many doctors only see (their own filtering) that aspect of FTT children as they examine them.

Take heart. There are new ways of understanding FTT and this includes information about what an FTT child needs to get back on track. We talk about them in our social network for parents of children with FTT.

Rodger Bailey, MS
Failure To Thrive Social Network