Friday, March 6, 2009

Another day another doctor

Yesterday we went to see the kids primary. Sophia had a temp of 104.1 and was so fussy during the night. Sam went to see her due to his frequent falls and greatly increased sleeping over the last week or so. Sophia has a GI bug, and since she has been healthy the temp with her was more concerning. Sam the doctor isn't sure about and we will continue to watch him closely. In happy news Sophia is now 16lb8oz!!! She is finally gaining and gaining well.
Today I brought Sam to the allergist. He gave us the results for his urine and stool tests that he had done. The testing showed that Sam has extremely high levels of yeast, and so we are going to continue to treat that with Nystatin. He also is recommending dairy, gluten, and nut free diet for Sam. Although I have no idea how we will be able to make that happen. I am on the fence with this allergist as I know that there can be a high incidence of false positive allergy testing with the skin tests. We shall see...

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tiggy said...

Hoping everything is okay with your babies.