Thursday, March 12, 2009


No new news today. I didn't hear back from the doctor. I am very disappointed about that. Sophia ate slightly better today than yesterday. She ate some yogurt and some shredded cheese. She ate some life cereal and some sliced turkey. I would say we made some progress but with her it just depends on her mood and what she feels like. I think that that is what is so frustrating. She may love something today and then tomorrow won't touch it.
We had Early intervention today and that went well. Her PT was impressed with the gross and fine motor things she is now doing, namely finally crawling. She will be one year old next week and she just started crawling this week. She is so proud of herself too. She also mentioned that she will most likely no longer be coming to service Sophia. She advocated to get an OT in to help with the feeding issues, so I am really hopeful that we can figure this out with her.

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