Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day worries

Well yet again we are waiting with bated breath to see what is going on with our guy. On thursday evening Sam started complaining about belly pain, but he has done it so frequently that we are never really sure if this is a new pain or the chronic pain. Ultimately it doesn't matter, as you never want to see your child miserable.
Then on friday he had some very bizarre looking stools, after significant whimpering. He was certainly very uncomfortable. The stools looked oddly reminiscent of past stools that were full of blood. And then one of the last stools he had was very mucousy. So here we are again, waiting for lab results, to tell us if he is bleeding yet again. And if he is bleeding again, the where we go from here situation is very frightening. Our options from GI are not appealing, but if he continues to have bleeding are our only option. He ate horribly today and was laying around on the couch with little to no energy this evening. Poor little guy. He did get incredibly excited and jumped off the couch once he had opened his MAIL from Meme'. She got him at Thomas the Train valentine's card and it totally made his whole day. Thanks mom!!!
In other news Miss Sophia has been congested since thursday. I am wondering if she has the dreaded RSV virus, as that is all I have been seeing at the hospital the last few weeks I have worked. I come home and change and wash up before I tough them but who knows. She seems to be tolerating all of the mucous well, but it is still stressful, as I know how quickly mild respiratory symptoms can turn into crisis with those under one year of age. Please keep both of the kids in your prayers.

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