Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boston Children's

Say Cheese!!!

My little man with the big chocolate eyes that melt my heart

I just missed her mom and wanted to make sure she was ok

Standing up like a big girl

I just can't get enough of this smile

Tomorrow we head into Children's again with the kiddos. They both have GI appointments. It is with Sam's regular GI. I have been really pleased with him, and am hoping he can shed some light on what we should do about all these allergies. Sam had another allergy testing day today and EVERYTHING they tested him for he was allergic to! I don't have a clue what we are going to do with him.
Sophia has yet to see GI. But with her now being diagnosed as Failure to Thrive we have a whole new game plan with specialists for her as well. So I will also be curious to see what they have to say about my little 15 lb 11month old.
In happy and exciting news, Sophia is pulling to a stand all by herself!!! She just started yesterday and now does it quite easily. She heard Sam in the tub and pulled right up to see. She is also scooting all the time now on her bottom. Now the getting in to EVERYTHING begins. But I am so relieved to see her moving and becoming more active and mobile.
Sam also misses his sister when he can't see her and just scales her crib!! Crazy kid. But it is so cute. She loves being in her crib so if I have to run downstairs to switch laundry or whatever I just put her in there. Sam climbs right in too. And then all you hear is the two of them laughing together. Oh the love between siblings....

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Audrey said...

Hi! I saw your comment on the Larkin's blog. My 4.5 yo is going to have his tonsils out in a few weeks. We've already done tubes twice with adenoidectomy the second time about a year ago. Now he has apnea. So, out with the tonsils. Do you have any advice to give as far as the surgery and recovery goes? You can email me at
I appreciate your knowledge.