Monday, February 23, 2009

Sometimes being a mom is...

(this post is more for my own memories but feel free to read on....)
Sometimes being a mom is:
1) Hysterical, today as I was sitting on the couch Sam was staring at me very
intently. I wondered what his 2.5 year old brain was thinking. And then he said
"Mom, why are your boobs so big?" Wow! I guess he is a boob man already!!!
2) Disgusting, you know it is bad when you pick up your sweet little angel from her
crib in the morning, and you both have to be changed!!! Sophia was covered in
poop from her armpits to her knees! YUCK!
3) Heartbreaking/Stressful, so often Sam complains that "Mommy I don't feel very
good." And then he asks me to make it better, I only wish I could baby boy!
4) Scary, have you ever heard thudding as something falls down the stairs? I had
that terrifying fear on sunday when Sophia fell down the stairs. I can't even
begin to say how devastated and scared I was when this happened. But praise God
she is fine.
5) A tremendous blessing Each morning I am greeted by hugs and kisses from Sam,
and he now says "Mommy I love you so much!"
6) A tremendous challenge: the laundry, the dishes, the toys, the runny noses, the
poopy diapers, the spills, the leaks, the drips, the tantrums, the whining, oh
sometimes I want to put myself in a time out away from it all.
7) Frustrating: when your two year old keeps whining and complaing and asking why?
8) Exhausting: constanly caring, loving and worrying about your beautiful blessings
9) Fulfilling/rewarding watching your children learn and grow, hearing them say how
Jesus loves them and forgives them, watching them act out the things you have
taught them: sharing, gentleness, kindness etc etc
Today I am just so thankful. I am thankful for the booger noses, for the fussiness, for the crying for all of it. Because God has chosen me to be a mom, and I am truly blessed. I am so thankful, and though somedays seem never ending, and exhausting, each day is such an amazing blessing.

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