Monday, February 2, 2009

Allergy testing TAKE 3

Today was our third day of testing for Sam. It went well. Today we found a good amount of foods that he WASN'T allergic too. The two prior days the majority of stuff they tested him for he was allergic to. So now today we found a bunch of veggies he can have. We did however determine that he has quite a strong allergy to baker's yeast, and goat milk. And actually after he got the trial of the baker's yeast he instantly got a temperature (not sure how high), his cheeks became bright red, he got nasal congested and kept clearing his throat and got tired/fussy. I wonder if his fevers in the past were related to say eating bread or something? It is interesting to think how different things affect people. I believe it is going to be quite difficult to develop a totally new diet for him, but if it helps him to feel well and be healthy then it is totally worth it.
Tomorrow is transfusion day, so please say some prayers that they get the IV in on the first try. Sam appears to be having some difficulty urinating, so I am wondering if he has a urinary tract infection. Please say some prayers that he won't have any pain and that there is nothing going on with his bladder

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