Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow I have gotten away from this lately. Not that I am not thankful just life gets so crazy that I get sidetracked. Well anyways my LIST of so many things I am thankful for this week...
-Sophia's appointment with endocrinology going well.
-her weight gain, today she was 15lb13oz (up from 15lb8oz) on this particular scale
two weeks ago.
-My father in law who came and saved the day since Sam threw a bottle cap down the
toilet and clogged it!!!
-for friends who are so supportive and encouraging. For their love and creativity
-for mom's surgery going well, and for her feeling better each day.
-for warmer weather tomorrow
-for a good night's sleep tonight (I am thanking God in advance for letting my kids
sleep through the night tonight)
I am so blessed and often times get caught up in the day to day life of these beautiful kiddos that have so much medical stuff going on I forget to say thanks. In other news today when we were in the doctors office, everyone came to say hi to my kids. That goes and shows you how often we are there. One of the people in referrals even asked to take their picture. They all come out in shifts to say hi to my kids. One of them even takes Sam for walks while we are waiting or if it is just Sophia's appointment. I am so thankful for all these guys. Taking the two kids can be a little much sometimes but not with our primary

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Rodger Bailey said...


I have just opened a social networking site for parents of children who are Failure To Thrive. I'll post a link to your blog there. You are welcome to come by and look around and join if you like.

Rodger Bailey, MS