Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tristan's party and painting

We went to Tristan's first birthday party today. Sam absolutely loves Tristan and had so much fun at the party. You would think that he would be bored since he is a year and a half older but he has so much fun and keeps asking to go back. Shannon did a Candy Land theme. It was the cutest party ever. Happy Birthday Tristan!!!
PS: there are a couple of new posts before this, I got totally behind this week.

Tristan and Sophia

The birthday boy and his cake

Do you think Sam enjoyed his cupcake?

Today Grandma and Papa brought Sammy a water color book. He had so much fun. He hasn't done watercolors that I can remember before. He was concentrating so hard on doing a good job with the paint. Thank you Grandma and Papa!

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