Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GI update

Well we went to see the GI doctor on thursday of last week. I am quite overwhelmed and confused about some of the info that we received. It was a lot so please bare with me...
Lets see for Sam, the main thing is that the probiotics that he is on (and which were initially recommended by the GI doctor in a low dose) are enough to cause a serious systemic infection that would be terrible for him because of his immune deficiency!!! The GI doctor was dumbfounded with the amount that the other doctor told us to give Sam. I am so frustrated, as this other doctor was given a thorough explanation of all of Sam's medical history and still made this recommendation to us. So that was quite shocking. Secondly he doesn't believe that Sam could possibly be allergic to all of the things that the skin testing is showing him positive for. Good NEWS!!! But we don't actually know what he is allergic to and what is a false positive, as the gammaglobulin that he gets could carry allergies from the people who donated it. So the allergy piece of things is still an unanswered piece of this puzzle. We did get some blood work drawn for some allergies so we shall see what those are some time this coming week I believe.
Now for Sophia: He isn't completely sure what is going on with her. He is wondering if she is silently refluxing so has started her on Prevacid to see if that makes any difference in her interest in eating. Secondly he is wondering if her stomach moves food through very slowly so that she is always feeling full because things are moving so slow. So he has prescribed a medication to get things moving through quicker, which means she is having some major BLOWOUTS in her diaper!!!
We will follow up with GI again soon but for now this is what we are doing. I feel like I have my own pharmacy for these kids. Not to mention how expensive things are, one of Sam's is over $40 and not covered by insurance, and Sophia's copay for one of her's is $25. These kiddos are EXPENSIVE!!! Thanks Auntie Chantal for coming with us, you were a lifesaver!!!

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