Monday, November 3, 2008

Meckel Scan

Well we had the Meckel scan today. Sammy was amazing as always. They put an IV in and then the dye stuff. They papoose rapped him in a sheet and then taped him down too. They whole time he jsut layed there still as a board. Then they bring this huge ominous looking metal contraption down to within a few inches of his abdomen. He got nervous with that but again didn't cry. The girl was quite impressed and said that he was the best paitent ever. I of course agree with her.
Unfortunately all we learned from todays visit: WE know he is bleeding, but we don't know why or where. So our remaining options to determine what all of this is, become siginificantly more invasive. So as of now we are just going to watch his blood levels and see if at some point he either stops bleeding, or that he becomes anemic. Other things they menitoned that htis could be was a malformation of a blood vessle, an allergy (although praise GOd he doesn't think it is milk, so now we can give him milk again, some kind of irritaion from strongly acidic stool etc.
So the plan is basically we are just watching his blood work, his weight gain, and symptoms. The doctor doesn't like that he is bleeding, but at this point since hie is stable they wait until something changes. And we are praying that instead he will be healed.

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mabutlaleb said...

I am sorry to hear things are up in the air again.. Please remember we are here if you need anything! Our prayers are with you!!