Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boston Children's

My Big boy taking his IV pump and going where he wants to go. It is cute, but heartbreaking for me to realize that this is such a "normal" part of his life.

I know just what to do to make you all better Baby

Sam: "Yeah mom I know we are cute." Sophia: "Yeah we are cute, but you are going to have to work a lot harder than that mom if you want me to smile."

"Nope your not working hard enough to make me smile, so I am not going to do it"

Everything went very well yesterday at Children's. Sam started crying before they did anything to him which is so hard to deal with. As he is getting older he is realizing what is coming and that is very difficult. He is still such a trouper though, once they had actually stuck the needle in he immediately said "Feel better mommy feel better" I always tell him that they are doing it to help him feel better. He is so smart and so good with all that he has to go through. There is a medical cart there and he was "make baby all better mommy" He is talking so much now. Mom thinks he can be a speed reader when he grows up.
Sophia has been quite fussy today. I am hoping that it is teeth and that she isn't getting sick or something. Can;t believe she is almost eight months old! It doesn't seem possible. She is really rolling well and sitting unassisted quite nicely now. It seems like it happened overnight. STill struggling intermittently with the eating, but some days she eats quite nicely.

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