Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beautiful Girl

Could she possibly be any cuter? I know I am totally partial but I am just so in love with this beautiful little face.

Sam continues to feel awful. Today he was crying so much. I have to practically force him to eat these days. I am so frustrated with all of this. He has been feeling awful off and on for his whole life. And I just want him to be healed. I want him to be well. I want him to be a normal two year old kid, who doesn't ram his fists into his stomach because it is hurting, a two year old who doesn't turn down all food (even his favorites) because he is so uncomfortable. Please pray for him.


Niki said...

I am so sorry about Sam. I know as a mom you just want to take all his pain away. Keep praying over him - don't give up. I am praying too. Love the pics of sweet Sophia - beautiful!

Nathali said...

What cute pictures!!

Hope Sammy will feel better!!!

23wktwinsmommy said...

LOVE these pictures! She is a doll, and looks JUST like Sam, but in a beautiful girly way.

I pray for SWam and the Drs, that they may find answers to help him be pain free and healthy.
Please check out Hallie's page. You are not alone in your feeding troubles. I hope you find answers soon!!!

mabutlaleb said...

I am so sorry for Sam! I will keep him in my prsyers! As for your little girl she is so pretty! Enjoy every moment they grow way too fast! Have a nice holiday!!

abby said...

I wish I had an answer for you on Sammy and his tummy pain (while I'm at it, I wish I had answer for us on Hallie's tummy pain/eating issues/etc etc). I think it's great that he scoped clean, so it doesn't seem to be EE. But I wonder if it's a dietary protein proctitis--which can be an allergy to milk (which seems to have been ruled out) or to another food protein. I am not sure where to go with this, but it did come up in some of the reading I did and it might be worth mentioning to GI or allergy or ped.

We started Hallie off years ago (!!!!) at around 6 months corrected with rice cereal, and that went badly. Then we tried avocado. Ditto. Then some of the other traditional first food purees (sweet potato, squash, etc). She vomited a lot at first and we thought it was a hypersensitive gag reflex. We stopped giving her solids and then tried again when she was 13 months (actual...around 9 months corrected). Same thing happened. The months between then (July 2007) and November 2007 were hellacious in terms of her reactions. Then we pulled milk and gave her goat milk. She still vomited a lot, but less than she had when she was on cow milk. Then we saw the allergist and started our food trials. Apples and pears were fine, and we think prunes are, too. Bananas were a bit hit-or-miss. Some weeks she was fine on them, others she was a mess. So we stopped giving her these. Soy was awful. Rice was equally bad. Buckwheat was even worse. Beef--obviously a no go. The jury is still out on apricots and peaches, but she can't seem to take these in large quantities. Blueberries seemed like a fail, but maybe something else was going on when we attempted these (I think she still had bananas back then). And purees are the only thing that consistently work for her (she actually opens her mouth wide, and will feed herself the goat cheese on a spoon). The whole thing, though, makes my head hurt and I have to say that there was a reason I never chose medicine for a profession, though apparently it chose me.

Anyway, there's much that I am truly thankful for in this life, and Hallie is at the top of that list. But I just wish that I could make her feel better and make the pain go away and make her GI system work. I know you feel the same way about Sammy. It's just really tough and quite depressing when everything we try doesn't help our little ones.