Saturday, November 8, 2008

Denise's Baby Shower

The Cake (Isn't it so cute? AND IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!)

Mom, Doreen and I: the party planners (Deanna had to work:-()

My beautiful pregnant sister, isn't she glowing? 36wks and counting, farther than I ever made it.

I love this cake

Dasanee and Sophia testing out the new Sit and Stand Stroller and Carseat

Oh my goodness what a day. Today we celebrated the upcoming arrival of my new nephew R.J (Ronald JR after his daddy). We had lots of people come and love on my sister and this new little miracle. The food was good the company was good, and she was truly blessed by peoples generosity. Mom, Doreen and I worked really hard to get things together and it came out really great. But I sure am glad the planning and preparing is behind us:-)

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