Friday, October 31, 2008

Our first sleepover

I am so thankful for my best friend Chantal and Andy. They allowed the kids and I to stay with them on wednesday night before the appt so that I wouldn't have to drive into Boston for an 8am appt in rush hour traffic by myself. They went above and beyond to take care of us and have food in their house that Sam could eat. Thanks guys! The kids did well. They actually both woke up a few times, Sam kept saying that he wanted to go home, and was happy to leave in the morning, although the whole way to Children's he kept saying that he wanted to go home, and when we pulled up to Children's he cried. He kept asking for Matt and wanted to "see daddy." He had fun and I am glad we stayed over, but I wonder if he doesn't feel secure at other peoples homes with all he has been through. Even when we have been at my mom's if it is getting dark or later in the evening he asks to go home. I can't say that I mind him wanting to be at home with us all the time:-) I know one day he will grow up and that will all change.
I couldn't fit the crazy pack n play in my trunk with the stroller so we made Sophia a little nest, although ultimately they both ended up snugglng with their mommma:-)

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