Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Miss Independant

Ah hah!!! I have finally figured out our whole problem with eating. SHE IS STUBBORN AND WANTS TO DO IT HERSELF!!!! So I gave her the Lil Dipper that I always used with Sam, don't have the faintest idea why I hadn't tried it sooner with her. I gave it to her and kept dipping it in food, as you can see we wore it but she was happy and not screaming. And BONUS I snuck a few bites in here and there with the spoon without her crying too!!!
Sam is doing well. He had some swelling to one of his eyes so I was wondering if there was an infection or something but it hasn't gotten worse so we shall see. He was thoroughly enjoying watching someone else be so messy at the table tonight. I just love seeing them together and watching them interact.

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Niki said...

Too funny! Braeden likes feeding himself too - I may have to get one of those little dippers!!