Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sammy doodle bugs:)

Well tomorrow we start the prep for Sam's procedures on friday. He has to have two different laxatives twice a day for the whole week!!! Poor little guy poops so much already I can't imagine what this will do to him. Please keep him in your prayers, and pray for wisdom for the doctors, for us and for a healing/resolution to what has been causing his discomfort, bloody poop, and frequent stooling.
We had a nice day today and I keep thinking in the back of my head (even though it is terrible to think this way) that I want to make this week amazing for him just for in case they find something really wrong with him. I can't help thinking this way. Each time we have gone to see a specialist (and they thought it probably wouldn't be a big deal) we have ended up with something new wrong with him. I hate to think negative, but sometimes I just get down and feel so terrible for all he has to go through. I know regardless of what happens that God is in control and that His will will be done. But sometimes it is just hard wondering what that will is. Look at this picture from when he was so little:-) Look how far we have come from this sick time... He looks so healthy and for the most part is so happy, it is hard to think about there being something else wrong with him.


Nathali said...

You have the cutest children!!! We'll be praying for Sammie!!!

Niki said...

I don't understand the whys but I know Him and all I can say is worship God through it all. Keep singing and through your song comes the peace of God. Will be praying for you guys!