Thursday, August 28, 2008

GI update AGAIN

Well I brought poop in from the last few days to the doctors office to check it for blood. Only one day tested positive so I guess that is good. None would be better, but one versus three is better right? We also found out that his colonoscopy/endoscopy etc will be next friday morning. I was praying that we wouldn't have to go through that, but maybe they will figure out what is going on once and for all. He has definitely been more clingy this week, and even poorer eating. But he is playful, and funny, and such a joy to me. I just wish I could love the sickness out of him, I wish I could just cover him with kisses and have him never be sick again. I wish taht I could take away all the blood draws, procedures, medications etc. I would do it all if it meant that he would be healthy and not have to go through so much. He has become less active over the last week or two and has found a new hobby. MARKERS!!! Thank goodness they are washable:-)

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