Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great Grammie Nadeau's 85th birthday

We celebrated my grandmother's 85th birthday with a party honoring her legacy. 7 of her 8 children, 15 of her 19 grandchildren, and 13 of 18 (I think) of her great grandchildren were there. It was such a wonderful day, and she was just so thankful for all the people who came. She kept saying how thankful she was for everyone. THere were friends of her's from 50+ yrs ago, nurses she worked with, families of kids she delivered (she's was an inspiration for me becoming a nurse), old neighbors etc that came. My mom had shirts made for all of the family that were number, such as my uncle Bob was my gram's first child so he wss number one, and then there were 7more for the kids, then all of the grandkids and then the great grandkids shirts. THe front of the shirts said "Nadeau" with the date of her marriage to my grandfather and then the scripture be fruitful and multiply, which her family has done.
There was delicious food, fun stuff for the kids, and most of all lots of people to love on my gram which was the whole point. WE LOVE YOU GRAMMIE!!!!

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