Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sophia's Dedication

Today we dedicated Sophia Grace back to the Lord. We are so thankful for this beautiful little girl, and the blessing that she is to us. She wore a Christening gown that has been in our family for over 100 years!!!!. My grandmother as well as her mother wore this gown, as did several in my moms generation, and also in my generation and now in Sophia's generation in our family. She looked so precious and behaved beautifully. I was so nervous she was going to poop and get it on the gown but Praise God she didn't. My grammie was there today with us and she was so happy to see us use this gown. HEre are a few pictures I have but we will have better ones coming, so we will be sharing this day with you twice:-). Auntie Tracy sung "Wings to Fly", and it was incredible. What a special day of celebrating this beautiful blessing

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Niki said...

That gown is gorgeous! She is truly a blessing and I am sure God's heart was filled with love as you dedicated Sohpia to Him.