Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the Day

Hey everyone. Please say some special prayers for Sammy tomorrow and friday. WE go to CHildren's tomorrow and they will be putting in an NG tube and IV. THey will be giving him some medicine through the NG tube and then have the IV to keep him hydrated since he won't be able to eat. Please pray that the tube isn't necessary or that if it is that it goes in easy and it isn't too terrible for him, that the IV goes in easily, and that the scopes that they are doing on friday will go quickly and easily. And that they will figure out what is making him have so many problems. Also please pray for Miss Sophia as this will be hard for both of us as she will be away from home for the first time.
These are some pics from the last week, as well as more from her dedication (thanks Paula). Didn't they come out amazing? Oops they won't upload will try again later.
Sam seems to be doing okay. He at least ate a little today, and drank better than yesterday. Tomorrow until we go he can only have clear liquids so hopefully that will go okay. He is just so sweet. I feel so sad for him, I don't want all of this medical stuff to be normal for him. I don't want anything but normal and happy for him. I just wish that I could take it all away and that I could go through it instead of him

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MaryBeth said...

Great pictures!! We'll be praying for you guys today and in the days ahead...