Monday, August 4, 2008

Davis Farmland again:-)

Roberto keeping Sammy warm


Uncle Jody and Sophia hanging out

WE officially bring Davis good business. The fact that I have a membership is wonderful, we invite all our friends and we don't have to pay. Although today because aparently I left my BRAIN at home, I forgot my wallet (license, money, credit card, etc)!!!! Nice going ! Anyways thankfully Paula and Jody met us there, and were gracious enough to pay so Sam would not have a TERRIBLE TWO MELTDOWN!!! Thank you guys!!!! WE also met Kerry and her three kids and her friend Monika and her two kids. All in all a big group, and we had a blast. Sophia hung out with Uncle Jody which allowed me to really run around with Sam, which I feel like he misses out on so much lately. Not today though, today we had nice quality mommy and SAm time, not sure who enjoyed it more.
Matt is gone for 3 days hiking in the White Mtn's so us three are on our own until wednesday. Sam and I had some nice time tonight reading books. He sure does love his books. He got several for his birthday, and enjoys each of them. Sophia slept 10hrs last night!!!!

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