Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just busy

Bath time

Kerry, Sophia, Serena and Nicholas

Lucas and Sam (do we look related?)

Lucas and Sophia

Serena and Sophia

Well it has been a busy few days...
1) Heard back from the immunologist.Sam's IgG levels were 998, and the normal range is 500-1200 (or so). Praise God we are staying at every four not moving to every
2) Sam had a fever this week not sure why. It was so pitiful. He got up one
morning, came over to me with his hand on his head and said "Hot mommy, hot!" So
I of course felt him and he was so checked his temp and he was 101.9
3) My brother DJ came home for a few weeks. He got to meet Sophia for the first time.
So nice to have him home.
4) Sam went on his first mountain climb with his dadddy, but of course since I
didn;t go we don't have pictures:-(
5) My cousin Kerry and her family are up from florida, Sam has loved playing with
Nick, Serena, and Lucas.
6) I have been working a TON and almost never sleeping. Did I mention I am tired,
but at least migraines are getting better.
7) Our niece Ava turned one and we had a blast at her party but I didn't remember to
bring my camera.

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