Monday, February 18, 2008

Auto Immune disorder

Well now the doctors are thinking that I may have some type of autoimmune disorder but they are not sure which one. They are doing all sorts of weird testing to check and see different levels of stuff in my blood, checking the liver blood vessels, and a variety of other things. They think I do have HELLP and Preeclampsia but now probably something else too:( I am so frustrated and annoyed with this whole situation. This pregnancy has been so much better than with Sam and I have been feeling so good. So to be back in this situation is so frustrating. I just really wanted to have the NORMAL labor and delivery and be able to hold my baby when she is born, to be able to keep her with me in the room, to not have IVs and monitors and feeding tubes, all of which at this stage of the game will be what she will have. I really want to deliver at the local hospital and have my regular doctor. I don't want to deliver with all these specialists, basically waiting for me to get critical and then have this obstetrical emergency delivery. Sorry for the venting.

Please continue to pray, and now I am really starting to have a bad attitude. I am frustrated and discouraged, disappointed and sad.

They let me come home for today and I have to go back tomorrow morning. I am on strict bedrest and only supposed to get up to go to the bathroom, not an easy task when you are used to working and chasing after an 18month old. But I am so thankful to be here. Matt's aunt and her mother are here taking care of both of Sammy and I, and they will be here tomorrow with Sam when I go back.

Here is a picture of my loves when they came to visit. Enjoy!

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23wktwins'mommy said...

ugh Danielle, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this, and I'm sorry you will have to go through the preemie journey again. I know the desire you have to have a "normal" delivery as I have that desire as well.
Best of luck and stay in bed. Hopefully you can make it to a safe gestational age for Sophia. Keep us up to date! You're in our prayers.