Thursday, February 14, 2008

UMass Memorial

Well the doctor had me stay again in the hospital just because my liver enzymes have started to be elevated. So when she rechecked them this morning they had gone up significantly. I am so frustrated. She called UMass and talked to the chief of OB down there (who just so happens to remember me from last time since I was so sick) and they said they wanted me to come down here. SO what a great Valentine's Day. I told MAtt I wanted chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements and instead I got a ride in an ambulance and a whole bunch of specialists doing all kinds of stuff to me.
They have decided that I do have Pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome again. I just basically am a ticking time bomb according to them. If I was further along they would just deliver Sophia now but because I am only 30.6 weeks she needs to grow for as long as possible. SO the goal is to do this balancing act waiting as long as possible, and letting me get sick until they have to take her to keep us both safe. I am just hoping to make it a few more weeks. They are hoping I make it until Saturday, because that will give the steroids enough time to work to help develop her lungs. PLEASE JUST PRAY!!!! for all of us, for wisdom for the doctors for my and Sophia's health, for Matt and Sam, for our finances.

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